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Woman of Destiny
To Taste Life

Woman of Destiny, To Taste Life

It’s night. 

The television remains on in the background of my scene, mute, its colors whirling before my unfocused gaze.  Though life is full of its never ending ups and downs and though it throws its lessons of wisdom through my ears now and then, it is now that I sit, still, quiet, contemplating…wondering deeply about the things to come. 

I stand at the chasm of my mind, as if deciding a moment so epic it will affect my entire life from here forth. 

Maybe you find, as I do, that all life is a blur of color, twirling, diving and throwing itself in strange unforeseen shapes, sometimes making us sick with confusion and other times thrilling us beyond what we could ever understand.  All of the same, don’t you agree, all life is a blur, speeding so quickly by us it’s hard to remember the color and smell of each and every memory.

What is it that we all long to find down here?  What is it that we chase?  We are driven forth in our existence, propelling us to continue to breathe even through our darkest of days.  All life is like a string of diamonds, seamlessly moving, almost invisibly like a.  It can feel so predictable, plain even, until a rich moment fills our lives, like small diamonds in our path.  Priceless memories, un-measurable and unexpected which cause us to lift mountains to live one more day like it.

So here I sit, showered and clean, my hair hanging wet and tangled, my face calm, soft, longing…my eyes hinting showers of pain, wisdom…strength; my mind sitting calmly like a child who has just grown up.  A diamond is forming in my heart. 

Can we, in life, choose to continue to hope and dream?  Can we weather all wars and fight those inner battles unseen…and still believe in peace?  Can we dance through our storms; can we sing through our broken hearts?  Can we lose one dear and near…and continue to breathe?  Yes, I think so.

It is night and I sit hear quietly writing out these thoughts inside of my mind.  I wonder what future my life will hold.  I question if I will ever find its key.  All of my life I have been like a wondering child, longing to find her way.  Today I am a woman, understanding the power I hold in my hands.  Today I stand tall, today I am brave, today I will fan the hope in my heart.  Tomorrow I will seize the day.

We must seize the days that we live, we must always find new ways to fly, to thrive.  If your car dies, tame a horse to ride.  If your horse leaves you catch a bird and fly.  We are our greatest enemies, but we are also our greatest hope, for it we who will choose to take one more step even after our greatest fall.

In our hearts…in our minds lay our destinies.  It is those that refuse to fail that will succeed.  It is those that try a 1000 times that will finally fly.  We will fall, but we must climb, tapping continually into all that we can be...reaching hights we thought were only dreams.

I stand at a grand chasm called my life.  Boldly I look at the road before, boldly I will go. It has been a long journey thus far, drinking many fearful tears. 

But now, in this day, in this moment, I stand, grown, weathered but strong, and I …will live.

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