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What is Lust - Baby don't Hurt Me

Chapter 6 - The Man in Grey
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He was familiar...he was amazing

Everything about him was seamless perfection.  I offered him a chair across from me and he sat down, his mannerisms practiced yet effortlessly smooth.  Every time his blue eyes flashed over me the world stopped.  His smile seemed to take me into a different dimension. 

He folded his hands on the table and glanced down at my coffee.  “I think the coffee has been stirred enough.”  He glanced back at me, a small smirk on his lips.  I laughed embarrassed and yet feeling as though I had been brought under some kind of wonderful spell.  I put my spoon down and needlessly folded my napkin.  “Do you come here a lot?”  I was cautious, trying to say something to keep his interest alive. 

He sat perfectly still, looking into me as though he could see down into my very soul.  “I do.”  He sat tall and confident in his chair.  “You come here for the coffee it would seem.  Are you lonely?”  He nodded towards my cup which I was absent mindedly stirring once again. 

Embarrassed, I laughed quickly and put my spoon down.  “Well, yes.  I mean, I guess I’m trying to get some type of closure.  I used to come here a lot with my boyfriend.”  I closed my mouth and couldn’t believe I had just blurted it all out.  “Braeden, you want to scare the guy away in the first few minutes?”  I lectured myself. 

He seemed to be reading my very thoughts, and his answer floored me.  “Well, I’m a hard one to get rid of, once you get to know me.”  He smiled and in that moment I felt as though all of my troubles were melting away from me. 


He Seemed Safe

It was like a sanctuary when he smiled, and like heaven itself when I looked into those ice blue eyes.  The waitress stopped by the table and poured fresh coffee into my mug. The aroma was rich and amazing. She looked at him with a strange expression, and a moment of cold indifference seemed to come over him. His charm immediately returned as she left.

He leaned across the table and poured some sugar into my cup, then poured some cream and stirred it. I was taken aback by the gesture and yet intrigued all at the same time. I stared at him, analyzing him. “You’re studying me.” He said matter-of-factly. “Is there something that you are trying to figure out?”

I looked away and ran my hand across the table as if to clean it off. “I’m sorry, it’s just that, I’m just not used to this.” He looked at me, his face coy and steady. “Tell me something. Why is it you are here all alone tonight? I saw you sitting here in this corner…you reminded me of a kicked puppy. Doesn’t anyone love you?”

His words sounded smooth but carried a small sharp edge as I felt the pain of my lost love.

I was surprised by what he said and sat up straight, instinctively smoothing out the top of my pony tail. My guard rose quickly up. “Oh, did I offend you? I’m sorry. Your just a very nice looking girl and I wondered what made you look so sad, sitting here at this old diner.”

His words immediately melted my walls away and his gaze pulled me back in. I teared up. 


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