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What Does Renew Mean


 The Meaning Behind the Brush Strokes

 Sometimes life feels like a vast desert land…and we become so very thirsty for something living, something life giving; something renewing.

When the rains come, dripping with moments of refreshing in our lives, the taste is so much sweeter when we’re so thirsty for it.

Throughout my life I hit many desert lands…desert lands that seemed so bone dry I couldn’t think, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t see past the empty dust…I couldn’t see my hope. 

Like so many I felt trapped in these places, unable to move with lack of vision, doubt covering my eyes with illusions as I reached to grasp after mirages of lies…empty substitutes for peace and joy…happiness being my empty motivation.

Here is the truth behind life mirages, those things that come into our path promising unspeakable fulfillment and happiness without a trace of the touch of God in them…they will always leave you just as you were.  They will trick you into drinking the false promise of water substitute, leaving you afterwards with mouth full of sand.

The enemy offers empty counterfeit to all of God’s goodness…the price for the devils treasures being your very peace, your joy…robbing you of the insurmountable treasure of your very destiny.

How do we avoid these illusions, these mirage lies, and walk on to the life giving springs of the one who created us into existence? 

We must give up our pride, our self-indulgent nature of gratification at any cost.  We must choose wisdom, we must choose to see truth…not the truth we want to believe, but the truth that exists.

We can fool ourselves into thinking we’ve found a fountain of life safely outside of the Lord’s encampment, our mistrust of God’s nature and our disbelief in his love driving us away; and it will seem to satisfy and fill us, it will seem to bring refreshing to our parched lips…but after a while, without the fountain of true life, we will die…inside of ourselves…inside of who we are.  The enemy will swipe our beauty and worth in exchange for his magic trick and then leave us in the desert to die.

Cry out to your Maker and wait.

I have been there many times, countless times, following after empty promises.  Lying in the dust, my spirit half dead within me.  Silently I would whisper, oh God, save me; the mercy and love of God would begin to pour over me where I lay, saving me, restoring me, and renewing me back to life…and so it will be with you if you call upon him in your dry and empty state…so call His name.  

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