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Smells Like Victory


The Meaning Behind the Painting

When we think of the word victory, or victorious, the image that probably comes to most of our minds is probably a parade of waving flags, confetti falling through the air and us walking tall and proud, knowing we saved the day.

I’m here to challenge our normal perception of the word victorious, and say that yes, it can be marked by grand celebration and cheers, but being victorious…can hold a much deeper and much more sacred place within us.

The highest forms of victory can be marked not by loud trumpets and dancing…but by silence and truth that we accomplished what was heavily necessary to do.

So many chapters of our lives are marked with these sacred occasions, to bow in truth and take one last leap into doing what is right.

In the movie “Braveheart” Samuel Wallace walked victorious before victory ever came.  He believed in their victory so fervently that he called it forth into being even after his death.

Being victorious is sacred and one of the most incredible existences one can lead on this place we call earth.

Jesus Christ…as he hung there dying…there was no glorious sunlight shining down on Him, no one singing how wonderful His action was.  No, there was darkness, tears, pain…and then his death.  The true moment of victory was marked by the moment he released his last, silent and lonely breath.

Sometimes we are victorious when we simply choose to keep living…there in the silent raging of our heart, where the waters of loneliness have risen…where hope has abandoned us…where no other soul can see our pain…but we keep going.

We hold to truth, we grab back the hand of hope as it is fleeing; we cry out loudly within our souls that we have not yet stopped fighting.

Victory has many sights, but even when you walk alone, sitting there in the darkness of your own mind…cry out and wake up your inner man…and be victorious.

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