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Sentimental Poetry

The Whisper's View

Shadows fall upon me. Silence now nears.

My nightmare is her eyes. Her stare, my frozen tears.

The stillness creeps to panic. My darting eyes can't find

A moment from her sickness. Her hollow eyes are mine.


Whispers quiver, look at me. The old tree branches blow.

Don't find your way through glass's light. The wind begins to grow.

Come to, my dove, my little one. The winds rush through my hair.

A fiery glow engulfs me; rolling clouds of gold-laced glare.


Yahweh, Helper, El Shaddi. The words bedeck Him. Near.

Strong trees will bend. Adonni. The mountain top is here.

Adrenaline rush within my veins. The rocks are rough to scale.

The windy waves bring heavy rains down like a dark, wet veil.


Tic, tic, the clock of time, it's I who hold tomorrow.

Sturdy trees will bend and die, but I will take your sorrow.

Never stable nor secure, rough waters will devour.

When waters come, will I endure? I Am will be your tower.


Hush, stills the gentle myrrh. The waters listen deep.

The shepherd's come. I'll save you. The little wayward sheep.

Music gleaming touch of his, the mighty trees won't fall.

Whispers quiver from my lips. His eyes, the strength for all.



“When I was 18, I was longing for deeper levels of God.  I battled with severe depression for most of my teenage years and early twenties.  Some days I would come to my dorm room and stand looking into my mirror, hence the phrase “my nightmare is her eyes”. 

“Strong trees will bend” I was speaking of even the strong of people have moments where they bend under the pressure…but God will always be a strong tower over us.

“Music gleaming touch of his, the mighty trees won’t fall” I was referring to the presence of his power in our lives, though no matter how strong life’s winds blow, his touch will keep us from falling and being destroyed.”


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