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Renew and Remember


The Inspiration behind the Paint

It is undisputable that physical danger lies all around us, each and every day through violence, deceit, natural disasters and accidents.

It’s easy to physically guard ourselves and take precautions of safety to protect ourselves, but how do we guard against those dangers we cannot see at all?

The planes of the spirit and the mind can be amazingly powerful components of who we all are; but how aware our we in protecting ourselves from lies?  From whispered chaos in our heads?  From fear?  From disillusionment?

How do we rise up and guard ourselves when we are already in those low places, where we can no longer see the sun and when all hope has seemed to fail us?

It is in those moments that we, more than any other time, must look around, alert and ready…for that is when the dark one comes.

In those moments of pain, maybe hurt by another emotionally, maybe fearful of the future, maybe overwhelmed by unpleasant life situations…whatever the form, we have all been there.  That dark place where we don’t know how to go on…when those lies bombard us, telling us we are worthless…telling us it’s pointless to keep fighting on.

It’s not true.

The next moment you find yourself in that place…wash your thoughts with the truth of who you are, that you can rise up and beat this…that it will pass…that the sun will indeed shine again.

Face your foe head on.  So many countless times I would sit in the very deepest of despair.  I would look about me and find no physical reason to keep trying.  Many times I felt all alone, unloved, unvalued…and since I didn’t value myself this took me into thoughts of giving up completely.

But God has called us to be victors, especially in our deepest and darkest hours.  We do not have to fall victim in the dark…but we can stand and roar in the night with a lion’s heart…fierce, bold, with un-killable will.

Keep the eyes of your mind’s eyes looking around you…know your enemy…and be always watchful for your victory.

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