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Sandy Blue Night of Mexico

The sandy blue waters wrapped endlessly around the old canal.  The night was cold and damp, yet the crisp starlight over-head gleamed through its dreariness bringing freckles of hope to the face of the night.  Her feet walked silently through the shallow waters of the bank, her toes sinking deeply into the flesh of the rivers bed.  A light shot from the distance, shocking her for a moment.  She stood still in the dark, breathing quickly like a deer escaping chase. 

The silk of her dress sapped up the water, cold and clinging to her shivering legs as she walked on; could this be her night before her dawn?  Her thoughts grew thick with hope as she crept across the river banks.  The lights of the city shined into her longing eyes; they sang the song of a tomorrow that finally would come.

“Isabella” Came a soft voice.  She stopped, startled.  Was it the wind?  She looked around, squinting to somehow see through the darkness.  “Who is there?”  She walked slowly forward, her eyes peering quickly in each direction as she went.  “Isabella, it’s me…it’s Jorge.”  “Jorge!”  She whispered back in a harsh whisper.  She looked and saw him standing only feet ahead.  “What are you doing out here?”  She demanded, her voice hushed against the piercing silence of the night. 

He came to her and wrapped his arms around her.  “They told me, but I didn’t believe them!”  He laughed.  “Why do you do this?  Why do you go out this way telling no one?”  Isabella straightened defiantly from his embrace.  “Because I can…and because I want to!”  She flung her words into the wind and continued steadfast onward, not caring if he remained or followed. 

“Isabella!” called the boy, frantically following after her.  Isabella flung sternly around, shocking him.  “Quiet, boy!  Don’t you know the danger we are in?”  The boy shrugged.  “No, I do not.  Why are you traveling to the city at night Isabella?  Is someone trying to take your life?”  Isabella dropped her head, looking down for patience, as she propped her hands on each side of her hips.  “Listen, no, no one is trying to kill me, Jorge.”  She shook her head. 

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