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Meaning of Pursue

Gentle Love

The Meaning Behind the Paint

I LOVE horses…always have.

When I painted this particular painting it was with the vision of an Asian woman, walking through a field of bamboo to find her horse who had wandered away.

Its rope had become tangled within the bamboo and the girl works very gently to free her companion.

I remember all my life I dreamed of someone who would stop at nothing to find me, no matter where I had wandered, no matter how lost I had become in the night.

I longed for someone who would notice if I had gone and search through the hills and valleys of my mind to find me once again.

For many years I wrestled with dark depression, and the greatest gift to me was the individual who saw through my dark layer and reached in, pulling the real Stephanie out to the light.

The fact is, that person exists, and will always exist for all of us; His name is Jesus Christ.

The Lord Jesus knows who you are…even in your darkest of moments; even when the dark one has convinced you that your garbage, not worth even another glance.

But the Lord Jesus knows the tremendousness of your worth…and longs to reach in and pull you out of your own dark place into every amazing thing you can be…call His name.

There’s a song by Michael W. Smith which speaks volumes to me about this very thing.

I can't believe we hide so long and run so well
When all the while we're aching to be caught and held
But it's only in surrender that our freedom comes
And so I run abandoned to your waiting arms
Singing, "Ollie, Ollie everybody free!
I belong to you and you belong to me!

 And then you caught me by surprise
I found my tears are in your eyes
I hear my heart inside of you
At last I've found somebody who
Can free my soul
And love me too

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