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Make money runescape
Medical Ways to Make Good Money

Not afraid to get a little quirky in some paid medical trials/ paid donations?

There are a large amount of medical and health research companies who are looking for people to take questionnaires and participate in medical studies.

Tests and questionnaires range from all shapes and sizes depending on the research company and you are in control of which studies you choose to do or not do…the power is in your hands.

Clinics Ready to Pay you for Study Trials Below:

* Paid Clinical Trials 
With locations all over the world, paid trials range from university studies to new medicine trials.   $ Compensation varies depending on trial type.

* Covance
For more serious money, one can browse through a plethora of local medical studies which all pay ranging from $100's to several $1000 dollars.

* Paid Clinical Study
This is a website where you can sign up for multiple paid studies ranging from weight loss, to medication to even egg and sperm donation related studies.  $ Compensation varies depending on study.

* Just Another Lab Rat

Those chosen for studies through this site are provided with free care, free medication and up to $1725 for timespent for study.

* We Need You
Located in Europe's Nottingham, this clinic offers free care, medication as well as 100 pounds minimum daily compensation for time spent.

Have health problems that are simply too expensive to pay for?  Many medical companies will pay to study your condition and give you free medical evaluation, monitoring and treatment in exchange for your time.

Health Centers Ready to Medicate You for Free Below:

* John Hopkins Medicine 
This group offers free care and medication for multiple medical studies ranging from ADHD to arthritis to heart conditions.  

* Mayo Clinic

Once again, browse countless health studies and find the right one for you; in return free care of medication is given to your particular medical condition.

* NIH Clinical Center 
This center provides treatment and care studies for not only you but for your children.  Browse their many studies and avoid paying absurd medical bills. 

* GP GP 

This is a creative sight where you can find not only medical studies but where you can take advantage of making money through non-medical related possibilities such as being film extras or being paid to shop.  Browse...there is something for everyone!

Not afraid of needles?  Though no blood bank has paid for blood since the 1970’s, “plasma centers” are currently are willing to pay for donations and are looking for donators just like you.  This is a great option knowing you may even be saving a life with your donated plasma.

Blood Banks Ready to Pay you for your Plasma Below:

* ADMA BioCenters  
There are several BioCenters located throughout the U.S.  Compensation is typically between $25-$40 per donation and one can earn up to $250 per month through this clinic with regular donation.

* Physicians Plasma Alliance  

This is a research and study clinic which will pay between $50-$500 upon each donation of plasma or other donated specimens.

* BioLife   
This is another great clinic with multiple locations throughout the U.S.  You are compensated with a pre-paid Visa card which is loaded with each donation you make.  Compensation per donation ranges between $25-$40 per visit and multiple donations are welcome.

* Be the Match
Located in California, this clinic is a bone marrow registry for patients in need of bone marrow transplants.  Free to join, one can be added to the registry simply by sending a swab DNA sample through the mail.  Your information remains on file and if matched with a patient, compensation is $3000.

Though many are intimidated by this subject, it really impends on one’s own morals and outlook.

Egg and sperm donation clinics pay royally for donations, ranging between $5000 to $35,000 payment. 

Many parents who are infertile are desperately looking for healthy donors.  This is one proficient way to get a large sum of money very fast.

Specialists Ready to Pay you for Your Eggs or Sperm Below:

* San Diego Fertility Center  
Become an egg donor and received between $25,000 - $30,000 in compensation.

* Shady Grove Fertility  
This clinic is one of many around the world which pays for both sperm and egg donations.  Egg donations pay around $7000 for a less drawn out process then listed above.  Sperm donations pay around $400 per donation.

Always be Informed before You Decide:

* Pro Egg Donation Story 
Jasmine's story on the HuffPost

* Anti Egg Donation Story 
Brooke's story on the NYU Livewire

* Article and Benefits and Risks of Egg Donation 
This article presents a non-biased review, weighing the both the benefits and the risks of egg donation  on

If health and medical options aren’t quite your taste, there are certainly many more exciting ways to earn money without being tied to a 40 hour work week!

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