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Make Money on Ebay Auction


One of my personal favorite ways to make some extra money, Ebay is an incredible engine for bringing in some extra dough!

Sell your old stuff:

Look around your house and sell whatever you don’t need anymore.

Re-sell cheap finds:

Do what I do and catch crazy miscellaneous finds at thrift stores and garage sales, then re-sell them for profit!

Creative?  Make jewelry or other crafty products.

I love browsing Michaels Craft Store and finding eye catching necklace pendants on clearance.  I string them up on cords and sell them on Ebay, tripling my investment.

Tips to Winning With Ebay

There are a few things to know before you begin your amazing Ebay adventure, things I had to learn the hard way through trial and error.  So save yourself some money and frustration by following these simple tips:

Don’t pay for listings – To come out on top with absolutely no cost risk, take advantage of Ebay’s 50 free listings per month.  Normally listing fees are 30 cents per listing so stop when you have used up your free ones and wait for next month.

Take advantage of ebays free listing extravaganzas.  Randomly, ebay will email you notifying you that you have been given 100,000 free listings to use before such and such date.  Keep an eye out for these awesome opportunities to list free!

Take clear pictures!  Pictures most defidently will be the main thing that sells your item.  You are allowed up to 12 free pictures per listing so really go crazy!

Make sure you estimate shipping costs correctly!

Easy to follow guidelines:

First, buy a cheap $10 weigh scale…I got mine on …ebay!   Make sure it weighs in ounces if you live in the states.

If you are shipping books or manuscripts, ship via Media Mail option for cheapest cost.

If you are shipping anything else weighing 13 oz. or below, use the  First Class Mail option.

If the item weighs more than 13 oz., go with a priority envelope (which you can pick up for free at the post office)

If the item is to large in size to fit into a priority envelope, save yourself money by using flat rate boxes (also free at the post office)

For Mailing clothing and other unbreakable items, save shipping cost by buying poly mailers.  I recently bought a pack of 200 on ebay for $12.

Always describe your items in detail and in truth!

For clothing, always include measurements.

Unfortunately, even the most honest sellers will have complaining buyers wanting a full refund and a free item.  Be cautious with how you handle these particular customers as many will not hesitate to leave bad feedback.  Always wait for the customer to receive their item before leaving them positive feedback.

When customers win your auction but never follow through to pay, you can open a case with ebay towards them.  You then either have the option of waiting for the buyer to pay or you can close the case and ebay will give you a free listing credit for the item, as well as a refund of the fee.

Ebay final sale fees – when your item sells, ebay will automatically take roughly 5.25% of the amount your item sold for.

Paypal is the preferred tool for collecting payments and they will then charge you another 2.9% of the amount, plus a 30 cent fee.

Make sure you calculate these fees ahead of time to make sure you make lots of ooy gooey profit!

Ebay can be an extremely fun and rewarding experience to make money.

Sell on Ebay NOW!

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