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Love vs Lust for Love

Chapter 3 Our Heroines’ Viewpoint
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Young and Looking For Love

Braeden, our Heroine, loved to run through fields when she was a child. 

The sun and the flowers smelled and felt so wonderful and she loved to lie in the grass with her friend Madeline and watch the never-ending display of clouds in the sky. 

They would braid flower stems into wreathes and wear them in their hair like princess’s, and rub flower petals on their skin to smell beautiful.  As she laid there in the sun, intoxicated by its warm, she couldn’t help but feel that someone somewhere loved her, even though that someone was hard to see. 

Deep in her heart she knew and dreamed of love, and had no doubt that someday she would find it.  The gray counterfeit loomed back out of site, waiting watchfully.

The Love I’ve Been Waiting For?

She met Justin when she was 10 and now he was her best friend. She was now 15 and trusted him with everything, even her deepest fears. 

It was late that night and the party was going strong.  Alcohol flowed through her veins and her thoughts became cloudier as the hours progressed.  His mind became hazy as he watched her dance; he had always thought she was attractive.   In the act of the moment he suggests to go to her place afterwards. 

The night is a blur. 

Waking up that morning she remembers what had happened.  She feels miserable as her feet hit the cold wood of her bedroom floor. She stands and stares into the mirror in a numb trance trying to understand the expression looking back at her.  Sifting her fingers through her hair she combs the tangles out in some effort to fix the matted mess.  She stops and touches her face, reluctant to accept the truth of the night. 

She can’t believe what happened. 

Wrapping her arms around herself she crawls back into bed hoping to get warm, but the blankets only warm what they can touch.  Inside her heart is sick for what she gave.  A dark gray voice whispers to her in cold and taunting words “You’re alone.” 

Braeden covers her face with her hands as tears come down.  In her mind the voice still echoes. 

“What’s the point now Miss Braeden?  It appears you’ve lost love's war.”

The Point of No Return


So many people have come into this place…I call it “the point of no return”, or at least that’s how we perceive it. 

Love feels more about a game of "I'll give you this if you'll just hold me."  We are so lovesick for intimate acceptance of who we are.

Those romantic longings in our hearts of being covered in stardust with our one true love...well...the stardust begins to fade...

But does it have to?


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