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Lord I Need a Job!

It was three in the morning and my mind was exhausted.  Not from being awake at such an ungodly hour of the “night”…no, it was far more than the act of simple sleep deprivation. 

You see, the root of all evils, or so it’s called, was missing from my pockets.  In fact, I had so little money that night that I was beginning to consider any and all desperate imaginative means available to reverse my broke polar hold that seemed to be continuously chained about me.

“Sweet Google…all powerful search engine…save me from my broken ways!” I prayed as my finger tips tapped out every form of I’M BROKE…SCREAMING FOR HELP that I could think of.

Could it be Something Great?

Oh, certainly some amazing heroic answer was there among the website lists…surely there was some kind of savior to pull me from my “find some nickles to buy a dollar burger” days.

FIVERR.  Weird…what a truly odd name!  What the heck is it?  "Real winner."  I chuckled, like a jackass behind my screen.  My eyes traced over the vague description once, twice, three times before making my plunging click of doubt.

'Fiverr - a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, referred to as 'gigs' beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed.'

Hmmm…SCAM.  I begrudged. 

Still, my desperateness to feel a crisp $5 bill of my own within my hand was haunting me and so I read on, clicking link after link until I decided to take the eventful plunge for myself.

Here is what I have learned...

Fiverr is an amazing hook up for buyers and sellers alike.

Aside from selling your own body and soul (or the bodies and souls of your fellow countrymen), Fiverr is pretty much a massive, world-wide market place, housing all shapes, sizes and forms of talents and services being offered up for sale.

Fiverr Thrives Global Wide!

Ranging from writing and video making to personalized poems mailed in small glass bottles…the list goes on and on and on.

It’s a magical realm where all kinds of human beings can show off their cleverly marketed gifts; and unlike other “art selling” type sites where traffic to trap buyers seems nearly non-existent, Fiverr is refreshingly different. 

Buyers will find you on Fiverr…and the most beautiful part?  It’s FREE of upfront costs.  Each $5 sale you make, Fiverr takes one dollar for their “cut”.

Some people feel this is highway robbery, but from the perspective of an avid Fiverr seller, NAH…it’s really not.  It’s actually pretty epic, you just have to use your smarts for how many of these “Fiverr’s” you will charge for your particular gig offerings.

My creative writing gig, for instance, is based on personalized quotes.  The interested buyer contacts me with their needs, I scout it out, and then I quote them the cost before they purchase.

This saves both parties hassle and ensures you deserved money for your sweet time.

Every Money Kitty Has it's Bad Sides...

Fiverr can take a while to pay ya; sometimes up to three weeks depending on their processing speeds at the time.  Silver lining here – they pay you directly to your Paypal account…and once they credit you for withdrawal and you request your moula…it is instant baby.  I’m talking within a minute, you’re going to see that money in your hungry Paypal account.

Another thing to be ready for – annoying buyers with patience and communication skills similar to the level of Godzilla’s.

I’m trying to make you laugh but, yes, as in every customer service field of the great big world, you will have those occasional buyers that are just little dried up sour lemons that sadly fell on your happy green patch of Fiverr. 

All the sweet sugar and smiles in the world will not change their discontented countenance to anything but disgruntled, so don’t feel bad when they come out of no-where and rain on your fun Fiverr parade.


My Sticky Sweet Testimonial

I made over $500 dollars in my first couple of weeks on Fiverr.  There is money to be had on this site all my fellow money hoper’s.

You don’t have to have the most incredible talent of all time…you don’t’ have to work your knuckles raw.  All you have to do is think of something you enjoy doing and offer it forward. 

There are countless writing gigs on Fiverr, and yet I make quite a FAIR bit among them.  You can too.

If you are an introvert like me, or you just want that freedom of your own hours, sipping your coffee in your PJ’s as you “work”…yeah, give Fiverr a try.

You can post up to 20 gigs worth of stuff…it’s 100% free to use and enjoy.  You get paid directly to your Paypal account or into a money card…and the sky is truly the limit of what you can offer and do!

Have fun out there, and feel free to contact me, Steph, with any questions or guidance along the way.  Believe me, I’ve been there, searching for great money maker ideas from home.  This is a winner.

Check out Fiverr’s site here and enjoy the ride!   

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