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Fantasy fiction short story

Fantasy fiction short story

Nicoline and the Stars

Page 2

I had been back and back again to this lonesome rock, each time feeling as though I was beckoning for the answers to my many questions…each time feeling turned away with no explanation, as though the quiet night air held no remorse for my searching heart.  The bird called out cooing into the dark space around us.  I always wondered what it might be saying and why we couldn’t understand it.  Was it all some cruel joke?  I shook my head in response to my own question and let out an exasperated tone.  “What?”  Nicoline looked over at me in the darkness, her green eyes always searching me over, trying to make some type of sense for the way I seemed to tic.  “Mmm…”  I grunted back, too tired to explain.  “It is getting pretty cold, maybe we should leave.”  I began to stir to leave but Nicoline didn’t move.  

Fantasy fiction short story

I looked over at her, feeling my impatience grow.  She looked up at me, her normally absent minded, light hearted expression now changed into a deeply focused one.  “Have you ever thought about leaving?”  I slowly lay back down.  I sighed out loud, ruffling my hair and rubbing my face for some warmth.  “All the time.”  Nicoline looked over at me, her eyes lit with sudden excitement. “You have?”  She exclaimed.  I laughed and looked at her.  “I think we all do, don’t we?  I mean all the girls here, at least most of them have talked to me about it before.”  Nicoline looked at me wide eyed, intrigue covering her gaze.  “What have they said to you?”  She sat up, waiting expectantly for my answer.  I propped myself on my elbows and looked out into the darkness.  “I don’t know, I guess mainly everybody kind of wonders how it would be different; you know, like maybe if we hadn’t taken his offer.”  Nicoline looked deeply into my face, her fingers holding tightly around her knees.  “Do you think it would be worth leaving?”  She asked, her expression holding enough desperate innocence to break a heart.  I looked at her, my face weary from thinking, my skin cold and numb.  “No, I don’t think so Nicoline.  Where would we go anyways if we did?”  Her gaze dropped down at my words, her hands lying limp and lifeless in her lap.  “Stupid thought anyway.”  She whispered.  Her words fell out of her mouth like a broken song.  Suddenly branches crackled nearby.  Startled, we both sat up straight, silently breathing with quickened breath.   Each passing second felt like an eternity as we listened for our intruder…but all we could hear was the defining silence of the night. 

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