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Deaths Defeat

The Lion of Judah

DEATHS DEFEAT - The meaning behind the paint

We all have images in our minds and our hearts that remain the most powerful and impacting to us…that speak to us in powerful ways few other things do.

One of my personal most powerful images has always been the Jesus in the form of the Lion of Judah.

“Then one of the elders said to me, "Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals." Revelations 5:5

In this painting I wanted to express the royal beauty of the Lion of Judah…the calm, serene but powerful physical expression of Jesus Christ.



In my mind…when the Bible refers to Jesus as the lamb, it’s showing His meek and selfless sacrifice.  When the Bible begins to speak of Jesus as the Lion of Judah, this is speaking of His bold and powerful victory over that same death which He died…and our own.

A beautiful example of the Lion of Judah can be seen in the book series ‘Narnia’ by C.S. Lewis.

“Wrong will be right, when Aslan comes in sight,
At the sound of his roar, sorrows will be no more,
When he bares his teeth, winter meets its death,
And when he shakes his mane, we shall have spring again.” 
C.S. Lewis

“It isn't Narnia, you know," sobbed Lucy. "It's you. We shan't meet you there. And how can we live, never meeting you?"
"But you shall meet me, dear one," said Aslan.
"Are -are you there too, Sir?" said Edmund.
"I am," said Aslan. "But there I have another name. You must learn to know me by that name. This was the very reason why you were brought to Narnia, that by knowing me here for a little, you may know me better there.” 
C.S. Lewis

What is true love?

What stirs us to seek to put another’s life and breath before our own?

What is so intoxicatingly beautiful and rare about such a notion?

What is it about this kind of love that relinquishes all grudges and pain…that lays itself down saying “This is how much I love you” and wishing to take all pain upon ourselves for one we love.

What is this kind of love?  The form we all crave…the kind that makes life unmistakably worth it.

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