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Coping With Sadness
When You Feel Too Sad To Try
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My Sticky Icky Night With My Achy Breaky Heart

Coping With Sadness.

It was a crazy night.  All of my reasons to fight for a better me seemed to fall away at once.  My life was not what I wanted it to be.  I was not what I wanted myself to be.  My efforts to lose weight no longer seemed worth it, and my drive to push myself out into the world seemed pointless.  

I ate cake forever that night, buffeting my body mercilessly with every sugary indulgence that I had for so long lived happily without.  I sat on my well-worn couch, my thighs spreading thickly underneath me so that I felt every ounce of my failure and shame.  

Mindlessly, hopelessly I flipped from one channel to the next, drowning in mind-eating boredom.  I was sad.

I awoke the next morning to see my cat hovering over me.  As I opened my eyes, my stomach ached from my reckless indulgence.  I groaned as I looked at my phone.  He still had not texted me back.  He didn’t care about me.  

My mind grew thick with disappointment as I rolled myself upward, dangling my feet over the side of my bed.  The sunlight was beautiful but I couldn’t see it.  Everything had a gray tint as I looked around my room.  My body felt limp and unwilling to move.  

My mind felt frozen with hopelessness.  Life seemed in this moment to not possess any meaning at all.  Argh…I sighed as I saw my matted hair in the mirror.  I wanted to curl up and, well, not try.

You’re Not Alone…

If you have ever been to this place, it is by far one of the most painful places to move out of.  Our minds, though amazingly complex and incredible, are also quite prone to falling into “ruts”.  Ruts that occur in our thought process many times when we do not know how to process a current event or circumstance.  

Maybe we simply lack a vision for our life or perhaps have even wrapped our entire worth around a single relationship which has now crumbled.  Each “Rut” is different, but they all leave us in the same place…feeling stuck and sad.  

So here you are in your own rut.  What do you do?  How do you keep living, existing, thriving despite your current circumstance?  How do you shake the sadness, the heart numbing brokenness, the complacent frozenness and climb back into hope again?  The answer is actually easier than we think.

Coping with Sadness - Find Your Inner Super Hero

You wake up in the morning, and you lay there staring at the ceiling wondering how you can possibly make it through this day...coping with sadness isn't easy.  

In this very moment, close your eyes…close them tightly.  Now picture yourself as the most powerful, strong, and most attractive person that you have ever seen in your life.  Picture your face and how it would look knowing how amazing you are.  

Picture the powerful way you would stand and walk, knowing nothing could take you down.  Do you have that visualized?  Let yourself really feel the magnitude of what this would be.  For me I picture myself as Gene off of X-Men, because she always emanated amazing unique power, strength and beauty to me.  Got it?  Good, but were not done with coping with sadness.

Know Your Villain’s Face

Now every great super hero knows, and they would admit this if you asked them, that Super Heroes are the most super when they are facing their villain.  

We all know this…and villain’s stink, yes, but despite their efforts to destroy and corrupt, they never seem to figure out that the harder they strike, the stronger and brighter that super hero is going to shine.  And by looking at our super hero story data base, here’s the most exciting part!  

The hero shows the greatest strength…guess when?  When the villain thinks they have won!  It is in fact the moment the world believes there is no more hope…when the hero seems to have lost the fight, which the real showmanship begins.  Are you catching where I am going with this?

Time For the Moment of Surprise…Time To Surprise Your SELF

When it comes to coping with sadness one must identify your enemy.  Now understand…this will never be a person.  I know…maybe that isn't what you want to hear, but to really kick this thing in the butt we have to understand this key part.  As long as you pin your distress and pain on a single human being, you will always be and remain under their power and control.  

Do you understand what I’m saying?  But the moment you realize that you are the one in control of your own mind, will and emotions, you will be blown away by the power you will feel from this realization in your coping with sadness.  

“Your Crazy, It’s NOT That Easy!”...Oh…Yes It Is!

Once you realize the power you actually do in fact hold over your own world…over your own existence and over your own circumstance…I promise you, you’re going to start feeling bullet proof; because this means, no matter what sticky gunk you step into, your still you.  

Nothing…nothing can take your power, your passion, your stamina, your joy or your future unless you let it.  Let yourself feel this, because this is the reality that really exists.

Forgive Yourself For Failing and Suds Up

In coping with sadness forgive yourself.  Forgive yourself.  I don’t care what the situation is.  Give yourself permission to move on.  Cut those chains holding you in that dark place.  

Cut them off, you are the only one who can do this for yourself.  Now, forgive what pulled you down, what broke you, what hurt you.  Forgive the person(s)/ situation involved.  Forgiveness is the quickest key to getting your life back.  

Lay this situation before God and surrender the reigns to Him.  It’s an amazing feeling to know we are not walking alone.  Now go jump in the shower.   A good soapy shower is scientifically proven to instantly improve mood as well as giving a wonderful sense of well-being.

Time To Rise Up Out of the Rubble and Shine!

The rubble lay silently on top of the hero.  The crowd stands quiet in somber anticipation.  The “Hopeless” villain stands mockingly, ready to give its victory speech, ready to take the day for itself and leave you in the dust, dead.  It doesn't realize it’s about to go down.  

The ground begins to shake…the rocks begin to move, the crowd begins to murmur, buzzing with life.  In horror hopelessness watches as you burst through the debris in one mighty swoop.  You whirl through the air with astronomical speed as the crowd cheers uncontrollably below.  

Then you stop, hovering high above, looking down, and staring Hopelessness in the eye.  With one quick grin it knows it’s lost.  Within a blink of an eye, you smile at the camera, letting all know you will be here for another fight.  

In a split second of time, you dive to defeat your enemy where it lies.  The screen goes black, and the crowd of your existence goes wild.  Know what you’re made of…and fly.  You’re the only one that needs to know you can.

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