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Broken Heart Poetry

Broken Heart Poetry

Falling Scars


In my mind to places journey…

Will I ever know…?

Hopeful blaze all too deceiving,

Murmured waters don’t recede thee…

A place, a hope, a joy to know…

Your face, your eyes, is light.

The world resolves to vainly sight…

Don’t be the key to endless fight…

Don’t swim just for the stronger right of challenge to endive.

The twig light mounting strength to see…

Come mountain top I wish to free…

Come lure of foe of thee to me.

My place, my heart, oh ripped it be

Come sanctify me.

Though thought is all but hued,

To wish for stars to grasp…

A place, a time to be above…

A place to scream unloved.

Truth scratches at my heart…

What shall the mindful say?

Solitude and embers sew a sorrowed pouring way.

Hope is mine to have to hold, for mine to keep my share,

Promise deep within me, let me come to rest in lair.

I shout in vein to no avail, the storm will only beat.

Though tears will flow, and break my flesh,

My feet shall still run free.

Oh hope that knows no slander,

Carry this tune of simple frail.

I wish for your recovery…

My love will soon avail.

Lovely dove, sweep over me…

For torn am I this night.

I lie, but sleep remembers not the lovelies of Thane eyes.

I need You like the essence of a flower needs her bloom…

Like the plundering rain from heaven needs a silver ocean moon.

I need You like the longings of my skin needs tender touch,

Like the river never ending needs the ocean tides to dust.

I love You. Look to me. My fright may be a tremble.

But I love You. I want You. Need You. Don’t let me fail.

Agony breaths through paining heaves, the brain through depths of words.

Loveless needs Thy love white Dove. Loveless needs Thy love.

Frail, but sorrow too true, though true.


Broken Heart Poetry
What this poem means to me

Broken heart poetry

I wrestled often with depression in my early 20's and expressed what I could not make sense of through my poetry.  My heart consistently longed to make sense of life and purpose...reason for breath.

It's clear to me now every heart has its own interpretation of life...what it is to look like, feel like, taste like.  To each is their own journey, that is why it can be so confusing at times.  As many have said quite truthfully...there is no road map to life.

Love, however, and hope are what I have found make my life worth existing...

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