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Between Lust for Love and Love 9

Chapter 9 - The Court
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Enmity vs. Love

The Courtroom scene always plays out the same.  There’s the jury and the witness, the defendant and the judge, and the prosecutor.  The judge sends out his hammered alert.  Court is in session.  I'm seated at the defendants table, nervously hoping my defense attorney will make the hearing.  It is the ongoing case of Enmity vs. Love.


Court Is In Session

The judge begins.

“I am now calling a witness to the stand.” He clears his throat. “As you know you are brought on the stand today in the defense of Enmity. I would like to proceed by asking you a series of questions.”

I recognize the girl, but can't remember where from. Something seems strikingly familiar about her. The girl turns slightly my way and I cover my mouth hiding the shock.

It was Madeline, my childhood friend of long ago. Memories flash through my mind of times long past sitting in the grass, giggling together and dreaming about prince charming and our castle in the sky.

The judge clears his throat loudly, shaking me out of my deep thought, and proceeds. “How many do you know that have known Enmity?” The witness shifts in her seat.“I don’t know anyone your honor who has not known that love forsaken place.”


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