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Between Lust for Love and Love 8

Chapter 8 - It's Just Sex?
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Every day people are faced with decisions of where to place their hearts.  

 Our culture has strewn sex into something so much less than what it can be.  There are many varied debates on why to give up our quest for more. 

Every day people cross the line and enter the door way of the Gray House.  Once they have entered they feel they cannot leave.  The man of the shadows stays close by to help assist in keeping them here…he shows them mirror images of themselves on the walls, images of people that are hopeless for lasting love.  

They stay there with passionate feelings of being wanted by somebody and being desired, even if it’s just for a little while.  The day of heroic romance appears to be dead and gone.  The door feels locked. 

The man in gray never stays far away.  He smirks as he walks towards the witness stand.  He catches your eye, letting you know he knows all of your flaws.  You shiver inside.  What if he exposes me…is all you can think. 


Our Sex In The City World

Oh the longings for our one true love!

The one who will see us for who we really are…who will love us even if we gain a few pounds, who will respect us even though we have fears in our lives. That knight inshining armor who will hold us when it’s scary, who will nurture us when we are sick; the one who will climb a mountain or swim a sea to be by our side!

Oh how we want this! But where is he? Where are the gallant ones who we search for? We start to wonder if it is all indeed perhaps a fairytale of a myth…a good story but an unreal expectation. But see, that is the lie we don’t have to believe anymore.

In our culture we have molded ourselves a very illogical system. We flaunt our sexuality…we pour it out like candy. We give no reason for waiting for something good; we already freely give it out. We sell it out to the people around us that we are sexually appealing; that they don’t need to wait to have a piece of the pie…and sadly, they totally by-pass the person who is holding it.

Sexuality is powerful and has become the staple point of dating today. A shift must occur in how we approach the valuable connections that we make, but first, this shift can only be brought within the battlefield of our own mind.

Love must begin within.


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