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Between Lust and Love 13

Chapter 13 - The Finale
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Enmity, my prosecutor, has vanished.  I've realized that everyone...Enmity, the judge, the crowd, the defendant...even the witness was me all along.  

My eyes slowly wander back down to the broken dove within my hands. I smile at the power of my realization and blow on it softly, bringing the dove instantly back to life.

In the distance a cold shadow forms…its frustration shakes the floor where I stand. “You'll be back!” Comes the shrill and familiar voice. The crowd becomes tense as a cold winter wind flows from the anger in Enmity's voice.

I stand still, re-affirming my new ground from the wayward lies.  "No."  I say firmly.  "Maybe in the past you would be right, but this isn't the past any longer.  I'm now a far better lover than the loveless place of your arms."

With awe, I gaze around the room, walls falling with each glance, exposing a paradise of flowers all around.

With excitement pumping through my veins, I lie down in the knee high blossoms, watching as a wave of dandelions float carelessly above my nose; I sneeze.


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