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Between Lust for Love and Love 12

Chapter 12 - And so Comes the Gray 
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The court session proceeds. Enmity smiles at me and I realize he has now taken the stance of Prosecutor. I look around in confusion, noticing all eyes are on me.  I look down as all becomes quickly clear; I was now standing in the questioning stand for prosecution.

I look down at my hands and see the rose numbly dangling in my finger tips. I gaze slowly around the crowded courtroom, tracing each face looking back at me…eyebrows of the onlookers rise in silent judgments and scrutiny. My hands begin to shake as the prosecutor approaches.

“So!” Enmity walks slowly my way...his blue eyes that once entranced me now fill me with fear and shame. “Here you are!” The gray man makes a grand gesture towards me, mockingly, causing all eyes to follow his presenting wave like I was a spectacle to be seen.

With lying eyes he walks towards me, a smirk riding on his lips. He steps up to me only inches away and I can now feel his presence, cold and damp.  I glance to a window where the dove remains. A small glimmer of hope fills me as I watch it, its eyes small but true through the madness all around.

My breathing suddenly quickens and I look up sharply to meet Enmity's eyes as he addresses me. “I know your sins.” He whispers under his breath so only I can hear. My mouth goes dry and my heart begins to race. Afraid and feeling alone, I look towards the judge but he looks back oblivious of what is occurring.

Helplessly, I re-directs my eyes to the dove, my Defendant in white is now nowhere to be found.

Enmity laughs as he walks towards the window;

turning to me he shakes his head and leans upon its seal. 

The dove does not fly, but remains as the man in gray speaks on.  “Did you really believe for a minute…?”  He laughs again and then stops suddenly.  “Sunlight!”  He exclaims to the court while keeping his hands planted firmly on the seal behind him.  He continues on.  “She thinks sunlight…”  Suddenly he walks briskly towards me and snatches the white rose from my hand…”sunlight and flowers can give you hope to leave me?!” 

With rage he crumples the rose in his hand…the petals falling broken to the floor, just as my heart had so many times before.  I lower my head and watch the petals laying there, my hope falling fast.  

Enmity returns to the window.  Without hesitation he draws out a knife and slays the dove with a ruthless blow.  In shock, I reach out in instinct with a gasp, words drained from my body at the cruel sight.  The bird lays lifeless in his grip, its blood pouring down his arm.  The gray man’s hand is now stained red. 

He throws the broken dove down before me, his words are cold and dead.  “True love, huh?"  he sneers now calmly.  "Fool, you hope in a myth.” 



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