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Between Lust verses Love and Love 11

Chapter 11 - Uncloaking Lies
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There is a continued silence in the room as the people seated in the court watch on in dismay, unsure what to make of the things they see.

“This way Love.” I look up from the flower and see as the Defendant pointing towards the streaming light. He leads me towards a pool of crystal clear water. The sunlight spills through and pours over me like gold.

It is looks so warm and wonderful as I walk slowly near; my reflection shines clearly in the waters surface, revealing a beautiful sight. Shocked, I pull back as I see my beauty, covered within a dark cloak about me.

The Defendant asks me to lift the cloak away from me. This action makes me very nervous. I don't want the people to see my scars…I don’t want them to see where I have been, or what I have done.

I look sharply down as the Prosecutor as I cautiously lift the dark hood from my face. The sunlight knows no bias or rejection and cares not of guilt or scars. It bathes effortlessly bathes my cold body in light, softly illuminating all that it sees.

I slowly opens my eyes. It’s been a long time since I've seen myself without the cloak. There was no ugly scars there like I thought...only me.

 The Defendant stood still, the sunlight pouring over and around him;

his smile calm, as if knowing the truth of all that I truly was.

A small white dove flies softly to his hand.  The prosecutor takes my hands and places them around the dove.  “This is yours.”  He says.  The doves’ eyes are black and innocent, its feathers white and unblemished, soft to the touch but powerful to soar, its eyes seem to look deeply into my very soul. 

I turn quickly to the prosecutor just as he leaves.  “What is your name?”  I ask as tears flutter in my eyes.  He smiles softly and brushes my cheek so tenderly I feel like the very rose held in my hand.  He answers softly “First Love.”  

Suddenly the judge speaks up and the courtroom walls return.  “We still have no evidence against Enmity's effect on lives.” 

The Defendant walks slowly forward with great emotion in his eyes and speaks out in an unwavering voice.  ”There is someone I must call to the stand your honor.”  The crowd murmurs to themselves and the judge nods approval. 

The court doors open wide and in walks a shadowy man. 

Where Shadows Fall

The gray man enters the room in an arrogant strut as he eyes me with a familiar stare, a smirk on his lips.

His face is handsome and hard not to watch, his walk sure and planned, his appearance clean and well kept. His presence fills the room with confusion, the sound of his footsteps reminds of secrets hidden deep inside, sending shivers down my spine.

He passes by me on the way to the stand and stops. “Were you really thinking of leaving me?” His voice is smooth and convincing as he runs his hand down my arm in passing. I look down at the floor and can't seem to reply.

My feelings are betraying me as each second passes. The lofty man enters the witness stand, and peers out, his eyes still trained directly and solely on me. 

The judge speaks up. “Your name please?” The question is only met with demeaning laughter as the gray man openly scoffs at the judges’ inquisition. Finally he straightens his suite and cleverly smooths his hair behind his ears, his blue eyes still piercing into my very being.

“Well judge, in answer to your question, I thought it was already apparent. You see I’m well known around these parts.” He smiles in my direction and I shift uncomfortably in my chair, knowing too well what he knows. Somehow despite this unease I can’t seem to stop looking into his clear blue eyes, even though my stomach grows more and more nauseous by the moment.

“Hmmm…” The gray man suddenly continues. “However, since it is important for record sake, I go by the name of Enmity, though I do go by a lot of other names as well, I suppose.”

The judge looks up from his notes with impatience. “Such as?” The gray man continues. “Let’s see, Loathing, Hatred, Rejection, Abandonment…those are a few others you might want to put down in those notes of yours your Honor; but those labels just don’t hold the edge that just plain Unlovable does, would you not agree?”

He gives the judge a crooked placed smile while keeping his physical pose straight and unmoved. The judge ignores his comments and proceeds to the legal matters of court protocol.

Meanwhile Enmity keeps his eyes locked on me like a vice. My body remembers his touch on my arm. I begin to feel vulnerable as old memories of taunting feelings flood my mind.What am I really?” I ask myself. 

The man in gray’s eyes draw me into secret places that feel good and familiar, old rushes of emotion and passion, feelings of being wanted and loved. I feel myself losing control; the peace that filled me earlier has now vanished. Yet it feels so good, I don’t want to leave his trance.

The gray man smiles in his control and watches as I sink deeper and deeper into his love-starved grip.  

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