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Between Lust and Love

Chapter 1 - The Author's Dream 
Behind A Touch of Gray 

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I had a dream once... 

I was wandering through a strange neighborhood alone at night, a neighborhood I’d been in before.  The night air chilled me.  I came to a house; I was searching for my sister.  The door opened easily for me and I went inside.  The air was dead and still, the walls and everything in the house was old, dark and gray. 

It smelled of decay and fear. 

What was this place…I knew its familiarity, I knew its disguise.  That was when it all flooded my mind at once; I had been here before, many times before.  I knew the smell, I knew the dark appearance…I knew the cold floors and distant shadowy halls. 

I also knew a man lived here, a shadowy man. 

Fear flooded me; my life was at stake.  My sister was here.  She was standing in front of me.  She looked confused.  The man was in the other room…I could feel him.  I grabbed her by the wrist.

“We have to leave.”  My sister fought me at first.  “Why?”  Was all she asked?  My voice was growing anxious as I listened for the footsteps of the man in the other room.  “Please!”  I replied.  “I know this place, I’ve been here before…we have to leave…we have to leave!”  My sister nodded as her mind registered what I was saying.  “Let me go and get my purse…”  “No!”  I whispered.  “There’s no time.  We have to leave now!” 

I pulled her with all my might and ran through that old dead house.  Passing by I could see the people still living in the many rooms…free to leave but not understanding that by being there they were slowly dying.  We busted through the screen door and ran for our lives away from the house. 

We had escaped. 

We found a safe place where we could sleep, but all night I stayed up and watched through the windows.  I knew I had to be on the alert and that it was not over yet…the man would be looking for us.  I had to keep my eyes open and be ready to fight this man…the man I knew as Enmity.

This is a story about the beauty of self-love and value.

This is a story about reaching far past what is easy in love and dipping richly into the fantastic essence of what we are...

For young and old...female or male.

Our story takes place in a coffee shop and turns to shades of a darker turn when our heroine meets Enmity (his name meaning deep rooted anger), a character representative of her inner insecurities and low-self worth.

Each scene takes on dramatic twists as she meets her brave hero the defendant, a character representative of her inner strength, boldness and self-love.

Will her inner judge rule her fight for love a useless struggle...or will the deepest form of love prevail?

For anyone longing for a chocolate dipped romance layered with lasting wonder, twists of suspense and one sip after the next of dark coffee filled on and

enjoy...A Touch of Gray



Copyright ©