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Anxiety Fear Overcoming

Dance In My Storm

Anxiety Fear Overcoming

The Meaning Behind the "Peace"


In life we have two choices as human beings.

We can walk through life in fear of each approaching cloud that comes our way; or we can embrace the life’s storms and be ready to dance in the rain.

I was always fearful of my own metaphorical storms, walking skittishly through my life wondering when the next tree would fall, when lightning would strike my safe little world.

It was tiresome and draining; never was there room for total peace within my fearful heart. 

But I started to notice something, a pattern if you will.  I began to see that after I weathered each storm, I was much stronger than before it came.  I began to see that it was those moments where my world came crashing down…that effectively made me feel the most alive.

It was those moments when rain poured in my safe haven that always caused me to check myself over and make sure I was complete.  It was those times I saw my wounds clearly, and all my inner pains that normally would just hide and it gave me a window of opportunity to find their cause so they could finally heal.

Dance in my Storm

Anxiety Fear Overcoming - Yes?

I learned that storms have the power to not only thrill us into new chapters, but they contain the power to wake us out of complacently.

I was in a rather unhealthy relationship at one point in my life.  He and I both knew this, but neither had the iron fist to end it.  One day he told me he had met someone else…the one.  I was devastated. 

For months I went spiraling into deep depression, not wanting to eat, not able to sleep and all together not wanting to live anymore.  Looking back now, I realize it was almost as if God had to break my limb in order to save my life.  It was tremendously painful but it finished the ongoing and turmoil filled relationship.

After I began to heal, my whole world opened up to amazing degrees as I began to dream again and see all that I could be. 

It’s from this storm memory and many others that I say with all love, that storms can be frightening, they can shake us, they can seem to bring with them grand devastation…but God is the healing hand…he is the life giver to that which is dead.  No matter what you endure, know if you invite Him to, He will come into your aftermath and renew your world.

When you see the clouds in the distance, kick your shoes off and run…not away from it but into it.  For your Creator has you, and it’s He who will teach you to dance.

Anxiety fear overcoming with peace.

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