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American Eagle Picture

The Eagles Wing

American Eagle Picture:  I wandered into the world looking for wonder, trying to fly.

The grass was green and the clouds were high.  The sunlight shined so endlessly and the world was a wonderful amazing place.  Butterflies fluttered kissing my cheeks and the ocean breeze blew softly on my face.  I danced in the meadows and I felt like a princess, stopping and gazing at the sky above.  My heart was alive and filled with youth.  The world was my playground and all I had was enough.  I watched in awe of the eagle flying above.

The fall leaves came and I grew and grew.  I looked at the world, my heart full of passion and truth.  Someday I would change it and win every heart.  Someday I would be beautiful and find someone to love.  Ambitiously I strived to grow as quickly as I could, so focused on how to be all I could be.  There were bumps along the way but my focus was strong.  I believed somehow I was so much bigger than my body ever would be.  I wanted to help heal every heart, I wanted to travel and see the world; I dreamed one day to be strong and amazing like that eagle flying above.

Beautiful American Eagle Picture:

American Eagle Picture - Continued Beautiful

Winter winds blew in and caught me off guard.  Suddenly I saw the snow begin to fall.  The ground grew much harder than I ever could have imagined, and though I stepped lightly here and tip toed there, I scuffed my knees and stubbed my toes on the icy terrain.  On I went and then at night, I curled up close to the starry night.  Sometimes rain fell and snow would fall…and life felt more than I could hold.  I would sit still in those quiet places, when the busy world seemed too pre-occupied for me.   What was I doing there, where had my vision gone.  I was a girl in a world too busy for me.  I shuttered and curled up into a ball.  The snow made the ground a beautiful deadly cold.  I shut my eyes, not wishing to wake.  Maybe my spirit would lift into a different place.

My eyes filled with hope as the sunshine filled my eyes.  The soft feathers ruffled as I moved them aside.  Crawling out, green grass met my feet.  Butterflies danced beautiful up around me.  The white clouds wisped in the clear sky above and my heart filled full with a new kind of love.  When I looked back behind me to see the wing that had saved me, an eagle lied still, no longer breathing.  Its wing remained outstretched over where I had lied, giving up its own breath just to save mine.
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