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Adwords - Google Income Making Money

Make Money from Google Ad Sense by Launching your own Website!

This one falls into a more long-term money maker category, yet the financial gain and possibilities can be incredibly worth the wait! 

Google ad sense is actually what I am doing here…with this site!  I chose to launch a site filled with content that comes naturally from me to give me the fuel to really grow it to a substantial size one day.  You can do as I have done or you can research the most popular niches and write on those. 

If you’re looking for a more sure pay-out in the long run, it’s recommended by other website writing pro’s that people write on niches for their websites or blogs.  Niches are those areas that there aren't a lot of other resources available for.  For example, you could pick a niche topic of “Why lightning never strikes twice”.  Something that is interesting but that you won’t have to do a lot of competing with other websites containing similar information.


With Google Ad sense, this is the golden rule of thumb: to find keywords that search engines will use to launch you to the top of the Google search results page.  In other words, picking the topic “how to cook a chicken” is going to make it very challenging to be found within the Google search engine. 

If you think to when you do your own Google searches, it’s probably pretty rare that you click beyond that first or second page of results.  Google ad sense can be your money making friend if you simply follow the path less traveled within the search engine world.  You’ll find way less competition and you can really have the spotlight and opportunity to shine, pulling in all of that sweet traffic your way.

Once you get traffic coming your way, those clicks on your Google ad sense ads will start to add up.  It will take some patience for this to happen.  Google can sometimes take it’s time to recognize a new website as legit and way it’s usefulness and popularity.

This is why ad sense can be the perfect money cow to keep for those rainy days ahead.

One more hint if you wish to pursue the ad sense realm of money making?  Try out SBI’s web building site.  This is my particular preference.  They provide you with an awesome tool for finding those great niche topics with a function called brainstorm it.  Basically, you type in a word or short phrase and it lets you see how many people are searching for information on that topic as well as how many other sites exist with similar information.

Using a function such as this can be dynamite for building a niche rich website or blog of your very own!  SBI also gives you amazing website templates for visual effect and the availability of html.


What can one make with Google Ad sense?  That’s a tough one, as figures jot all over the financial board.  How much ambition do you have to tweak and change for your sites success?  How much long-term stamina will you pour into your site until it can fly effortlessly? 

Ad sense can earn people several hundred to several thousands of dollars each and every month.  It takes time to get it going, and that first year you may see only a few pence for your efforts, but as I noted before, it can be a wealthy money cow for those rainy days down the road.

With a little patience, hard work and a lot of time…Google ad sense can truly make your financial dreams come true, and be that magic bean stock of financial solidity for years to come without that grueling 9 to 5!  Good luck!

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