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Verse Poetry


Come comfort my heart and my soul tonight

Come touch my crying eyes

Come cradle my drowning body

Save me from the cold quiet night

My arms and legs have long tired

And I’m floating here alone

My pain is like this ocean

Pouring cold into my bones

Oh life, you’re like this ocean, you’re fierce and then you’re kind

You throw me down in circles mocking lightly at my mind

You toss me through the hurricanes

Through the dankest pouring rain

I fight with all inside me, but feel it’s all in vein

He became a life boat, his eyes became a light

His hands they warmed my tremors

His touch filled me with life

His presence filled my being with fresh energy and youth

His life entwined a purpose for my heart to beat a truth

But all is done and he is gone

My sunshine went away

No longer will I feel his gentle hand upon my face

Nor will I hear him calling through the still rooms of my house

No more his silent whispers

No more perceived love

Oh Lord, don’t leave me floating in this vast ocean of grief

Don’t let me keep on drowning as I’m tossed within these waves

My heart has broken inside me, I feel it’s every piece

Scattered throughout my body just like my scattered peace

Awake my spirit, oh Jesus, from this deadly frozen state

Breathe life into my blue lips, breath hope into my faith

Whisper life into my body and strength into my limbs

Take me from this broken chasm, oh let my life begin.


“I wrote this poem after experiencing unspeakable heart-break.  The pain was so bad for weeks on end, leaving me no moments of peace, no desire to eat and no sleep.  When I would sleep, nightmares ruled my nights.  I cried more during this time than I have ever cried before.  Heart-break is so painful because someone you loved and shared your deepest parts with has walked away.  This can bring tremendous doubt regarding who we are, our value and our confidence that anyone will ever want us again.  It’s a grieving process but one of the strongest places I have ever walked in the power of who I truly am.  I learned to stand tall and understand that I had everyone to give, be, live and see.  And to the heartbroken reading this, grab hold and be excited, for you are embarking on one of the greatest milestones of your life that will throttle you into a strength you never knew you could be.


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