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Realistic Fiction Short Stories


Nicoline and the Stars

“How did I forget?” I whispered as I looked up at the stars; the cold night air blew across my arms and face as I finally reached my haven. Slowly I climbed up the large rock standing on the outskirts of the compound. It was rough and cold; my clothes snagged on its surface as I placed my foot in a crevice and grabbed hold, pulling myself up. I looked carefully around for any movement and then lay down, cradling my head as I looked up at the sky. The stars pulled me into another place, almost another time, entrancing me by their mystery. How could something that never changes and be so far away speak to me so clearly? My mind drifted to deep places as I stared on, my thoughts traces of what had been…of what will be. “How did I forget?” The words continued to circulate in my mind, striking me to the core of my being. I didn’t have an answer. I never had an answer. I closed my eyes and covered my face with my hands, exasperated and ashamed. I could hear a bird sing out in the distance, somewhere in the blackness of the night.

“Why do you sing at night?”  I said out loud, my mind pacing for a million answers I couldn’t find.  “Maybe it likes the stars too.”  I jolted upward at the voice answering me, my heart racing suddenly at the interruption.  The voice laughed.  Moments later Nicoline came into view, a small smile creased her eyes as she reached for my arm.  “Aren’t you cold out here?”  She rubbed my arm in a small effort to warm me and then hugged her own arms tightly around herself.  I settled back down on the rock and shook my head.  “Not really.”  I looked over at her.  “What are you doing out here?”  Nicoline ignored my question and clamored up onto the rock, satisfyingly colapsing down beside me.  “Why do you think there are so many stars up there?”  She whispered as she huddled next to me for warmth.  The night wind blew gently, throwing our hair into a swaying motion.  “Do you ever feel like sometimes there’s more than this?”  I relaxed and leaned against her arm in efforts to warm my face.  “More than what?”  I replied, my voice slightly muffled as I buried my nose against her shoulder.  Nicoline looked around and exuberantly gestured outwards to make a point.  “More than this, Braeden.”   Her voice held a tone of sarcastic impatience.  I looked at her sympathetically.  “I wonder that all the time.”  We both nestled back, staring off into the sparkly oblivion above us, seemingly forgetting that there needed to be sounds at all.  The night was quiet as if concealing something sacred, secretly hiding in its darkness everything we were looking for that night. 

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