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Best Historical Fiction Novels

The Forgotten Traveler

By Stephanie Schneider

“The wind was cold, nipping beneath my dress as I ran down the sand, my hair blowing fiercely into my eyes. My heart beat fast, anxious to see him, to feel him, my sweet green eyed wanderer.”


A Breathtaking Synopsis

In the era of Einstein and relative theories, Milana Lange was the walking proof; her body containing a molecular breakthrough which physically transported her between continents in a second’s time. 
Her travels, however, remained dictated by her gift, giving her no choice in her comings and goings. With her unique physical resonance, she remained forgotten by all she encountered, teaching her to live unattached, knowing she would be but a dejavu to any mind that knew her.  Now 30 years old, the tides have begun to change as she catches the sight of Ashlen, a gorgeous green eyed wanderer of a different kind whos self-taught quickness refuses to let Milana’s drifting heart go.  While falling in love with her persistent charmer and waging war on her own internal demons, she catches the dark eye of Rhoe Feng whos bi-polar thrashings between love and power threaten to pull Milana’s heart away from Ashlen’s grasp. 
With troubles increasing and her gift threatening to erase her from the world’s memory forever, Milana must find a way to control her power before it is taken from her, face her darkness and discover the powerful woman that    she was meant to be.


Reader Reviews

“I'm not much of a reader, but I didn't want to put this book down! I'll admit, I'm a hopeless romantic, and although romance is not all this book is about, the sweetness of this story is something you won't forget anytime soon. I really identified with the characters, especially the main two. I felt like I knew them, almost like I'd spent time with them myself. Now if I could just find a guy as adorable as Ashlen.”

“This is a charming plot that pulls you in!  The author has that rare "word crafter" gift that makes it hard to put the book down. Add to that an intriguing plot and a love story, and you have a home run. An enjoyable read, making you wish the sequel was available. Ok, I have watched the movie "Jumper" more than once, and love that kind of tale. This is "Jumper" with a unique twist. Written in an artistic 1920's setting, this book pulls at your heart as you feel the pain Milana feels as she just gets established in a new life and suddenly it disappears, and she finds herself in a strange, new location. I hope the sequel comes out soon.” 

“Good read, couldn't put it down”

“I would recommend this to everyone”



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